DIY August 3, 2022

3 WFH Hacks to Give Your Productivity a Boost

If you’re new to working from home, it can be an enormous adjustment. Schedules, routines and environments are completely different even if you’re in the most familiar place of all. However, even for those with lots of WFH experience it’s easy to feel burned out. If you’re looking to start working from home the best way possible or if you feel like your WFH life needs a tuneup, here are some tips to help.

Get Dressed

For many, the freedom to work in your pajamas is a huge perk of working from home. For those whose workplace demands a specific dress code, this can be especially liberating. However, if you have been rolling out of bed and right to work, you might notice it’s harder to get started or to stay focused. Staying in your sleep clothes or even in a fresh pair of sweatpants can signal your brain that it’s time for relaxation instead of time for work. One of the best things you can do to mitigate this is to get dressed normally before starting your work day. Obviously you don’t have to adhere to every detail, but the act of getting dressed will make you feel more awake and ready to start the day.

For some, it’s as simple as putting on shoes. Others might need a full outfit in order to experience the mental boost. Regardless, try getting dressed for your workday, even if your “office” is right next to your bed.

Schedule Breaks

Working from home can make it more difficult to focus, but it can also have the opposite effect. Without the structure of scheduled break times, you might find you’re working nonstop for hours at a time without as much as having a bathroom break. It’s important to take a few minutes away from work in order to avoid burnout and other issues like muscle soreness and hunger pangs. It can also be very beneficial to take a break entirely away from your workspace. While opening a new tab to browse social media might seem like a break, your body is still in work mode.

Try setting alarms to remind yourself to take a break for a few minutes once every hour. Even something as small as walking around the house or having a drink of water away from your desk can help your productivity and keep you going for the rest of the day.

Shower at Lunch

Another advantage of working from home is that all of your personal amenities are within reach. Unfortunately, this also means it’s easy to get right to work without adhering to our normal hygiene routines. While keeping your same bathing schedule is helpful in maintaining the rhythm of your day, if you choose to hit the snooze a few extra times instead you might find yourself feeling sluggish by midday. If that’s the case, try doing your morning routine—later. Taking a shower or bath in the middle of your day can perk you up for the rest of your work. Just don’t forget to eat!

The most important thing to remember when working, whether at home or in-person, is that you need to take care of your body and your brain. This will mean something different for everybody, but making simple changes can help you work better and healthier no matter where you are.

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