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Top Interior Design Trends in 2021

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Whether you’re settling into a new home or getting your house ready to sell, making some changes to its interior design can give it a fresh look for spring. Using the latest interior design trends for inspiration can help you decide how you want your home to look. The following are some of the top trends in interior design for 2021.

Gray and Yellow

Pantone always chooses a tone as the color of the year, but 2021 has been different. This year features two tones, a cheerful yellow and soft gray, as the official colors of the year. These contrasting tones can work together in living rooms, kitchens and other areas of your home. If you want to use these in your bedroom, though, you should focus mainly on gray and include touches of yellow. Too much yellow in your bedroom can make it overly bright instead of giving it a calming environment for sleeping.

Tropical Style

Tropical designs are in demand this year, especially with so many people being stuck at home in 2020 rather than being able to go on vacation. Floral and leaf patterns, as well as vivid tropical colors, can give your house the look and feel of a vacation home. You don’t have to cover your walls with these colors and patterns to get this look. Instead, consider adding smaller touches of tropical designs in various rooms with bedding, throw pillows and other accent pieces of decor items.


Maximalism provides a stark contrast to modern minimalist style. Rather than having your house as sparsely decorated as possible, maximalism focuses on filling your home with a wide range of items and objects that reflect your personality or individuality. For example, you might display souvenirs from past trips or artwork that you’ve collected over the years. This can be a tricky interior design trend to pull off without having your home look cluttered. If you’re going to be putting your house on the market, you might want to avoid this 2021 trend. However, you can give maximalism a try in your newly purchased home.

Earth Tones and Eco Textures

Interior design trends for 2021 include a move toward more grounded, naturalistic styles. Consider using earth tones throughout your home, such as greens and browns. These tones can give your home a rustic look and feel while creating a soothing atmosphere. Eco-friendly textures, such as reclaimed wood, also add to this more natural interior design trend. You can incorporate these textures and colors when choosing furniture and decor items if you don’t plan on making bigger changes, such as new floors or countertops and cabinets. Experiment with different earth tones and eco-friendly textures to achieve the natural look you want in your home.

Vintage Design

If you’re looking to get away from more modern or contemporary styles, consider a vintage interior design theme for your home. Vintage in in style for 2021, and you can get this look in various ways. You can fill your home with vintage furniture, or just add touches of vintage style here and there with antiques and similar accent pieces. You can also choose wallpaper or curtains with vintage flair, such as floral prints. Going with a vintage design allows you to create a look and feel that’s both comforting and quaintly stylish.

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